A James Bond breakfast

If you’ve ever read any of Ian Fleming’s James Bond thrillers, you know of his attention to detail. From the type of cotton in 007’s shirts (Sea Island cotton) to the camera equipment (“an M3 Leica, an MC exposure meter, a K2 filter and a flash holder.”) he used to entrap Auric Goldfinger cheating at Gin Rummy.

Also the food James Bond dines on is noted with detail: “When in London, Bond maintains a simple routine. Sitting down to The Times, he breakfasts on two large cups of “very strong coffee, from De Bry in New Oxford Street, brewed in an American Chemex” and an egg served in a dark blue egg cup with a gold ring round the top, boiled for three and a third minutes. There is also wholewheat toast, Jersey butter and a choice of Tiptree ‘Little Scarlet’ strawberry jam, Cooper’s Vintage Oxford marmalade and Norwegen Heather Honey from Fortnum and Mason, served on blue Minton china. Breakfast is prepared by May, his Scottish housekeeper, whose friend supplies the speckled brown eggs from French Marans hens.”

Cooper’s Vintage Oxford marmalade, Tiptree ‘Little Scarlet’ strawberry jam, Bay’s English muffin, small “bangers”, (sausages), and an egg cooked over medium dusted with fresh ground black pepper and sea salt.

I will most likely never drive an Aston Martin DB5, but I can sure have the same brand of jam and marmalade 007 dines on! On a whim, I purchased a jar each of  Tiptree ‘Little Scarlet’ strawberry jam and Cooper’s Vintage Oxford marmalade. I should stifle my whims in the future. Neither of these condiments are available domestically so I had to purchase them from British suppliers along with the subsequent shipping costs (uh oh). The Little Scarlet Strawberry jam is a limited run, as there is a limited supply of the type of strawberries used in this jam. The strawberries are one fifth the size of regular strawberries. The jam is not as cloyingly sweet as the regular strawberry jams you find at the grocery store. Not tart, but a nice balance of sweetness.

The Cooper’s Vintage Oxford marmalade is tart, and has none of the sweetness that domestic orange marmalade exhibit. In the marmalade are very large strips or chunks of orange rind that impart the tartness to this toast topping.

When duplicating my breakfast of an international spy, instead of whole wheat toast, I used as a base for the jam and marmalade a Bay’s English muffin (shown in background of photo). If you like English muffins I urge you to try this brand found in your grocers refrigerator section. I believe they are unparalleled in taste and texture. Much larger nooks and crannies in these muffins to hold melted butter or the condiment of your choice.


3 Responses to A James Bond breakfast

  1. KarenE says:

    Sounds like a flawless brekkers. Isn’t there still an English provisions store in Dallas? I’ve found a lot of UK products at Kroger of all places. Call me when you next get the urge to cook breakfast!

  2. Becca says:

    I just love these interesting little glimpses into your life….If I ever get back to London I’ll go to Fortnum and Mason’s for you. One of my favorite stores there.

  3. Sissy says:

    Love your interesting meals. You really go out of your way to enjoy your food/meals. More trouble than most of us take. Keep it up.!

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