Jungle juice

On the advice of my trainer (that sounds so official as if I’m bulking up, not) I bought some AÇAÍ juice that he recommended. It’s $7.99 for a 32 oz. bottle at Albertsons where he recommended I could find it. I’ve subsequently found it cheaper at Whole Foods and Central Market.You can study all the good things it will do for your body here: http://www.sambazon.com/products/juice_original32

I like this flavor the best of the two I tried. Your taste buds may vary. It’s quite good and refreshing and has a smooth almost oily mouth feel. That sounds weird, but don’t let it be off putting as this is really good juice. It tastes a bit like chocolate covered blueberries but not as tart.

Go get healthy with a little bit of the Amazon in your fridge.


2 Responses to Jungle juice

  1. Goodie Girl says:

    I love Acai juice! And yes, unfortunately they are quite expensive, but you only need like 2-4 oz per serving (not a whole 8oz glass!). 🙂

  2. Good point. The trainer mentioned that to me but I tend to guzzle it straight from the bottle, so I’m sure I’m getting more than 2-4 oz. per slug.

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