I need me some skrimps!

I purchased some Gulf White shrimp (21/25 count per pound) from Central Market the other day. They were on sale for $5.99 /lb. That was quite a discount from their normal price so I bit. These are Texas Gulf shrimp, not imported from Asia. The Texas shrimp are naturally sweet and really don’t need a lot of fussing to get something good to eat. I like shopping at Central Market as I think they do a pretty good job of supplying the freshest produce and meats. Your dishes will be only as good as your worst ingredient, so buy the best and freshest you can afford.

I threw the shrimp in a very moderately oiled non stick skillet. Now when I say moderately oiled, I mean that it was what was left over from the tablespoon of oil that some broccolini with garlic had just been cooked in.

Tonight before I started cooking dinner, I spoke with the trainer who is going to give me my complimentary session at my new gym. What spurred me into being moderate with the oil and butter is that he wanted me to bring him info on what I had eaten for the last two days to judge my nutritional choices. I didn’t want to look bad or have to lie to him so I moderated my olive oil intake.

Anyway, I wasn’t paying attention, my mind was elsewhere, and I almost burned the garlic because I threw it into the skillet at the same time the brocollini was tossed in. I should have waited to throw the garlic in after the brocollini had a chance to cook a bit, but I didn’t. Well I covered the non stick skillet with my trusty iron one to get a little steam going along with pressing the non stick skillet down onto the God awful electric burner. I don’t like electric stoves for many reasons, and I won’t bore you here (lack of incremental control of the heat, slow to heat, slow to cool) with why.I got the vegetable and garlic just off the heat in the nick of time. The garlic was a touch overdone, so it gave the garlic a mild nutty flavor. It was rather pleasant, but I like dark toast so I guess I’m not too picky.

After the near miss with the brocollini and garlic in went the shrimp. I took off the shells before putting them to the heat. Some people do, some don’t. I think if you are cooking with any seasonings, they have a better chance of getting to the shrimp meat and not just seasoning the shell.

Here they are just in the pan with a little lemon pepper sprinkled on them for a touch of seasoning. As I stated before these shrimp don’t need much fussing over, best to leave them alone and let the natural flavor of the shrimp shine through. I cooked these shrimp in two batches. I admit I had these shrimp in the fridge for a few days before cooking, so I cooked a batch for dinner and undercooked the second batch for later use. I undercooked it just slightly so the next time I want a serving of shrimp, the warm up will finish cooking the shrimp and not overcook and dry out the shrimp.

Here they are just about ready to plate. I gave them a sprinkle of sea salt so they would feel at home.


2 Responses to I need me some skrimps!

  1. KarenE says:

    Grrrrrl, looks delish.

  2. Susan says:

    Those skrimps look good…I totally agree with you about Central Market, their meat counter is awesome, especially the buffalo, it is in the frozen food area. But, do they have to put those huge, whole fish in the cases for display?? They look like escapees from an “Alien” production….

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