Thai 2 Go, go get it

Another place I found for my lunch time fix when I’m out and about is Thai 2 Go. It’s on Motor Street between Harry Hines and Maple. It’s neat as a pin, uncluttered, but nice. I’ve dined there twice, both for lunch.

The first time I visited, I ordered one of the chalkboard menu specials and had the Cashew Chicken that is served with a side of rice. I asked for them to cut back a bit on the bell peppers as I knew I’d have some problems with them later on. The portions are small compared to the usual Asian meal where it’s quite common to shovel half a plate of food into a to go box.

The portions are a healthy size (calorie wise), and you don’t leave hungry. The food is well presented and very fresh. The first meal I ate there there was apparently a misunderstanding between me, the order taker or the cook. I asked them to go EZ on the bell peppers, but there were no snow peas at all in the dish that the order taker informed me would be in the dish. The dish was good, but would have been better with the AWOL snow peas. Yes, this is the dish before I touched it so you can see there will be no need to put your belt on a looser notch after eating.

Another note to point out is they only serve bottle drinks, so if you want iced tea, you have to get a heavily sweetened bottled version.

The second meal I ordered off the regular paper to go menu, a nice Chicken Satay Salad served with a side of peanut sauce. Chicken, lettuce, carrot, sweet tomato, cucumber and purple cabbage combined to make a nice meal.Again, the portions are not overwhelming but it’s enough to get you to dinner time. The lettuce was very crisp and the chicken was nicely marinated. I ordered water with this meal that came from a decorative cistern filled with lemon slices. The owner came by and offered to refill my water when it needed it. It was a nice service touch from a counter service lunch venue.

A point about their seating: if you sit at their nice dark granite counter that lines the windows, the granite gets very cold (ok for a salad I suppose) and will chill your food along with any body parts you place on the counter.

It’s a nice place if you are on the way to the doctor at the near by medical center and don’t want to lie to them when they ask you if you are eating healthy.


2 Responses to Thai 2 Go, go get it

  1. If you haven’t tried it – Thai Away in Preston Center is another nice new lunch time spot

  2. Sissy says:

    Hey Bubba-just read through the whole blog. Who would have thought you were such a gourmet. You actually mentioned food items I’ve never heard of. My excuse is I spent too many years having to cook so now I do as little as possible. Loved it. Keep up the good work!

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