Not BBQ, not bad

I went back to Maple and Motor today at lunch to try a different sandwich than the excellent burgers they are known for. I got their Flat Top Brisket sandwich and added grilled onions. A word of caution here: if you order it you might want to get it without the mayonnaise that comes standard. They are not shy about bathing your sandwich in mayo.

Note all the mayo holding the tomato slice to the bun. It was a pretty messy sandwich to eat with all that mayo but it did taste good. But this is a brisket sandwich so you want to know about the brisket. At first I was a little worried before I dug in as I took a peak under the hood to see what I was getting into. The brisket didn’t look like a typical brisket sandwich from a barbecue joint. And one reason why is that they grill the precooked slices of brisket to warm them up and also to add a bit of crunch. At first look I thought the brisket’s fat was not rendered enough but the taste test proved otherwise. It was fall apart tender. The brisket was not terribly infused with smoke and was very mild but still good for what it was. I’d say it was taste wise somewhere between roast beef and barbecue. Most barbecue aficionados would not score it high on a barbecue scale, but as a standalone sandwich it was good. Don’t order it though if you are expecting a typical brisket sandwich. And hold the mayo.


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