Wai Wai is way off

I had a late breakfast, so I had a late lunch. I was going to CVS on Lemmon to pick up a prescription and decided I’d try a Thai place near CVS I’d seen but never stopped to try. Wai Wai was my late lunch target today. It’s a sparse place not unlike Pei Wei or Roti Grill but even more so. It’s located across from Mai’s and Chipotle, where the carnita tacos’ siren song was calling me but I resisted and anchored as planned.

You place your order at the counter after perusing their menu on the wall much like the aforementioned establishments. They bring your food to you when it’s ready. The padded vinyl chairs are a nice touch and quite comfortable. The music is modern, but not at a decibel level where you fear of long term hearing loss or give up trying to converse with your dining partner.

I ordered the Garlic Pepper Chicken which is suppose to be comprised of fried garlic, black pepper, cilantro, broccoli, zucchini, and carrots. There wasn’t a whole lot of anything (especially garlic and cilantro) and though I didn’t specify a heat I wanted ( there are several to chose from) the dish was a bit mild, even though it had a little red pepper next to the dish on the menu signifying that the dish would be spicy. As it turned out that was not a bad thing as I doctored my dish with the available red chili condiment. This chili sauce was one of the best I’ve ever tasted at a Thai restaurant. It was spicy though not alarmingly so, and had a very good flavor with just a hint of smokiness, possibly infused by roasting the chilies that went into the sauce.

The much needed chili sauce with the much needed accompaniments: A cold drink and plenty of napkins. With the chili sauce in place, a much improved dish made for a nice quick lunch.


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