A Good Burger

As stated in a previous post, on occasion I go out at lunch to eat during the work day. One of the places I frequent is Maple and Motor. It’s a relatively new entry into the burger wars. And it’s a worthy advisory, so much so I’d place it in the top tier of burgers available in the city.

The ground beef used are not pre-formed patties. They form a ball of meat and smack it flat on the griddle with the spatula, just like Martin Kum-Bak (Dirties) burgers in Austin. With this method the burgers are juicer than with pre-formed patties. And these burgers are juicy. You will go through numerous napkins during the course of your meal. The buns are toasted, always a plus I think, especially with a burger this juicy as an untoasted bun would get too soggy too quick. The “pickle” if you order it on your burger with the other condiments is in a relish form but quite good.

The fries are skin on, hand cut. I prefer the fries over the offered onion rings (too much breading for my taste, but YMMV) and tater tots (nothing special).

If you go at lunch get there before 11:30 on a weekday otherwise you will be in a line out the door behind other carnivores.

It’s located across from Elliotts hardware on Maple.


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