Poor boy Wild Salmon

Since I’m STILL dealing with this respiratory ailment that feels like the little chest popping creature from “Alien” has decided to build a summer home in my chest cavity and head, I haven’t been grocery shopping for some time. No energy and my taste buds are all but in a coma. So looking in the larder there wasn’t much staring back at me. But I did spy a small can of salmon. Now before you start retching, it’s not bad. Actually it’s quite healthy. Heard about all the health benefits that wild salmon offers with it’s heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids? Don’t wanna pay $12 and up /lb for that fresh Coho? Psst, come here, I’ve got a deal for you. Canned salmon is Alaskan wild salmon you can score for a couple of bucks a can.I suggest you get the small can as shown and look at the list of ingredients. It should just say “Wild Salmon”. That’s it. No oils (other then the natural occurring fish oil) no fillers, nothing. I suggest the small can because if you get the big can it’s not “skinless, boneless” and looks like leftovers from a high school biology dissecting class. If you’re not squeamish, go for it as the soft bones in the big can only add calcium to your diet.

I decided to make some salmon patties while I was doing laundry because it was quick, nutritious (after the burger I had for lunch I was feeling guilty) and a hot meal for just a few bucks. I emptied the contents of the can in a bowl and added sea salt, fresh ground black pepper, dried dill, bread crumbs, an egg, the green from the ends of some bulb onions and Colavita extra virgin olive oil. If I had thought about it at the time adding a Mexican hot sauce could have taken this in another direction. The bread crumbs were made from those little french toast loaves you get in packages at the store. They are good to have on hand for snacking, h’ordeuvres, and as I used them for, bread crumbs.I gently folded everything together. There’s really no need to mix hard as you just want to blend everything together. You can adjust the moisture by adding more bread crumbs if too wet or add more olive oil if too dry. I also added the liquid from the salmon can, but it does make the patties stronger tasting.This mixture was a bit on the wet side but I was too lazy to crush more bread crumbs so as long as it forms a patty you are good to go. I had a small plate of crumbs to dredge the newly formed patties into before they hit the fire.

At this point you can make them one at a time as I did or make the whole batch and cook together at one time. A small can of salmon will yield about half a dozen coaster size patties.

Here’s one ready to hit the plate and another just getting into the swim.

I used a non stick skillet with just a little bit of Canola oil on medium heat. Remember the salmon is already cooked so all you are doing is browning the bread crumbs and warming the salmon. The patties are ready to plate when they are browned to your liking and when you tap them they will have a hollow sound.If you like, serve with a little plain yogurt with some dill sprinkled in, or what ever sauce you like.

From cracking open the can to the last bite only took about 30 minutes. The alien seems satisfied.


2 Responses to Poor boy Wild Salmon

  1. Becca says:

    The ingredients are pretty icky to me – had to skip quickly past the canned fish and egg photos – but totally enjoy your writing and perspective. Good idea on the little toast thingies – I’ll get some for my non-cook’s kitchen!

  2. Desperate men do desperate deeds…
    The little toast thingys are great for making snacks with a little tapenade (of olive), pesto, or whatever you have on hand.

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