Pappy’s Burgers

Just a quick shout out to Pappy’s Burgers. If you are on Mockingbird just east of I-35 at lunch time it’s worth a stop. They are open for breakfast and lunch only. Here’s the location in Google maps:

Not bad looking eh? That’s a third pound of moo meat with all the fixin’s. Fries are hand cut. It was cooked to a medium well so it wasn’t as juicy as I’d like but none the less it got the job done. BTW that’s mustard, not cheese that’s spilling out, soon to be on my pants.

Here’s the interior. It’s done in a 50’s-60’s diner theme with some classic rock and roll, Sinatra, etc. playing in the background.


4 Responses to Pappy’s Burgers

  1. Susan says:

    Yummm, did you eat that whole basket of food at Pappys?? Do you get to dress your food yourself like at the old Joe Willey’s on Greenville, how about cost??

  2. Yes I did eat that whole basket. No, it comes made like that. You don’t get your hands dirty until you start eating. I think with a drink it was around $7.

  3. Nice blog and thanks for stopping by mine!

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